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Porting my existing phone number to IDVoice

  • The number must be ACTIVE and in working order without any dispute.
  • The number must NOT be scheduled for cancellation.
  • You are the owner of the number and can provide the invoice proof.
  • Applicable to most US/Canadian local number or Toll Free number.
  • Porting procedure will start only AFTER your order is complete.
  • Porting time varies from a few days to a few weeks depending on your current carrier response time and cooperation level.
  • After successful port, the first month will be free and will be charged by a flat monthly rate thereafter until a plan package is selected.

Allowed file extensions to upload: pdf,jpeg,tiff,gif

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Please read the following before proceeding:

  1. The flat rate after the successful port is US$6 per month. In order not to be charged based on the monthly rate, please select a package for the number after the port. If you decide to stay with the monthly plan, then please make sure your account has enough credit balance to cover the monthly charge.

  2. It is your responsibility to contact the losing provider after the port has completed and ask them to cancel the number that was ported to

  3. The scan of your latest invoice/statement in PDF or other format image file MUST contain your signature on a blank part. Do not sign it over any lines or graphics.

  4. Make sure you provide the exact information as it appear on Customer Service Record. This is usually your Service Address. Please note that the service address CAN be different from your billing address. Billing address will usually get rejected if it's not the same as your service address. If you are not sure what is the correct customer service record, please contact your current service provider before proceeding.

  5. There are no outstanding disputes with your current service provider/carrier. If you request the cancellation of a port, we'll verify if the losing carrier has established an FOC day with our carrier. If there's an FOC, we will not be able to refund the fee, and an additional fee from the carrier may occur, even in the case that no FOC date has been published on our portal.

  6. Please take note that a certain down time can be expected in some cases during the day of the transfer. Report any service issue exceeding a day after the porting date.

  7. Make sure you have no contract or special services from the current service provider that will block the porting of your number. If you are not sure that your number meet all the conditions, please contact your current provider.