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Services provided by IDVoice can be summarized into the following categories:


1. Making outgoing calls using any device. An IDVoice user can make calls from any phones to any phones using the Web browser with VoIP SIP phones, normal Public switched telephone network (PSTN) phones, or mobile phones.

2. Receive calls using any device. If people call your using your phone numbers subscribed from IDVoice, all your registered phones will ring at the same time. You can pick up the call using one of the ringing phones that is the most convenient and cost effective. If you are logged into our website at the moment, your browser will show the incoming call's real time status and you have the control to the call with an easy and intuitive web interface. If you wish, you can route the call to another number easily.

3. Integrated conference and recording service. Unlike typical phone calls, calls made from IDVoice can be turned into conference calls at any time no matter it is outgoing calls or incoming calls. Just dial the number from your web browser with the extra phones numbers you want to conference in. Even better, you can record your call anytime you want using IDVoice on-line recorder service. You can also play the existing recording during the call using IDVoice on-line player service.

4. On-line voice mail with email notification. If you can not answer a call, by default it will be routed to your voice mail. You can check recorded voice mail from web browser and play them to your registered or preferred phones by one click.

5. On-line fax. Upload your files and enter the destination fax number (in the supported countries), then IDVoice will send them at the same cheap call rate. If you subscribe a dedicated fax number, you can receive the fax on-line. In addition, you always have an email notification and can download the fax directly.

6. Detailed call history. Your call history will be saved in real time and avaiable immediately on-line for you to check or download.

7. Intelligent call routing. When you make calls from IDVoice, our intelligent routing will select the most reliable route automatically to give you the best service quality.